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Windows XP SP2 incompatibility with Juniper Networks NetScreen SSL-VPN products


The Juniper Networks engineering team has been regularly monitoring the Release Candidates of Microsoft's Windows XP SP2 to ensure compatibility with the SSL-VPN product. However, changes in the latest version of SP2 released on August 6, 2004 resulted in a compatibility issue that our engineering team reported to Microsoft. Microsoft confirmed the reported issue and is actively working fixing Windows XP to address this issue.


Customers using Juniper Networks NetScreen SSL-VPN products should NOT upgrade to Windows XP SP2 until further notice. The latest version of Windows XP SP2, released on August 6, 2004 is not supported by Juniper Networks SSL-VPN products.

We are working closely with Microsoft to resolve this issue and anticipate that there will be a fix in Windows XP in the near future.

This bulletin will be updated as additional information becomes available.


If you have not already upgraded Windows XP SP2, we recommend that you do not install SP2 at this time. If you have already upgraded to Windows XP SP2, we recommend that you uninstall the SP2 update until further notice.

There is no known workaround on the SSL-VPN product at this time.

For future release information on Windows XP, please refer to the Microsoft website.


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